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5th Grade: Force, Motion, and Energy

  • Forces in Action
    Play with height and weight to see how far you can make the truck move!
  • Funderstanding: Rollercoaster
    Using what you know about forces, change hill height, gravity, friction, and other variables to get the car through the whole roller-coaster! (Requires java)
  • Ranger Danger Dan
    Help Ranger Danger Dan safely land his parachute by adjusting the size of the parachute and its hole!
  • Design Your Rollercoaster
    Sounds easy? Adjust the track to give the passengers a thrill without making them sick, knocking them out, or stalling them on the track! It's a challenge, but fun!
  • Energy Kids
    Learn about forms of energy, energy efficiency, sources of energy, and more!
  • Energy Quest
    Click on things in the Energy Quest room to read the energy story, find out cool facts about the sun, try a science experiment, visit the art gallery, play games, and more!
  • Energy Sources
    Find out about fossil fuels, renewable energy, alternative energy, and more!

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5th grade math
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